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For the Sol is committed to empowering adolescent girls and women on their journeys towards lasting health and happiness. 

Since 2015, certified holistic health coach and founder of House of Sol, Jocelyn Lovick, has provided safe and empowering spaces for women and girls to come together to teach, learn from, and empower one another to heal and strengthen the mind, body and soul.

Through individual and group coaching programs, workshops, online courses, and consultations, Jocelyn supports women and adolescent girls on their journey towards leading healthier and happier lives.  Through her work, Jocelyn helps women unlearn limiting beliefs of self and body, heal their relationships with food and movement, and learn to apply healthy, holistic and mindful practices to their daily routines.

At House of Sol, we believe in the innate power and wisdom within every woman to achieve lasting health and happiness and create a life beyond her wildest dreams!

If you are ready to regain control of your mind+body+soul,

let's get started with free 20 minute video chat consult. 

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